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cruise-ship-accidentsCruise Ship Accidents – Boating, Admiralty and Maritime

Accidents that occur on the water often involve unique questions of law and fact. For example, cruise ship accidents that occur on the high seas often have a one year statute of limitations.

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nursing_home_neglect_thumbNursing Home Negligence – Neglect and Abuse

Nursing homes are accountable under Florida law for negligent nursing home care and for neglect and abuse of elderly residents. Many nursing home cases involve the wrongful death of a parent or loved one from inadequate care.

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brith_injuries_thumbMedical Malpractice – Birth Injuries

A doctor or hospital that fails to provide reasonable and acceptable care to a delivering mother and her infant may be liable under Florida’s Medical Malpractice Act for birth injuries to the child and for injury, physical or mental, to the mother.

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slip_fall_premises_thumb_2Serious Personal Injury

Business and property owners who don’t keep their property safe for customers, visitors and guests may be responsible for injury or wrongful death. When customers slip and fall in stores and restaurants, trip in dangerous holes in parking lots or are assaulted by criminals on property.

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