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The problem with medical malpractice cases is the amount of proof that is necessary to prove that a given medical provider was negligent or committed malpractice. Additionally, the cases are expensive, and they are very time consuming. They require that the lawyer representing the client go out and obtain expert witnesses who are designated experts in the same specialty as the defendants that you’re suing. You may be, in today’s marketplace, able to handle a simple car crash case for three to five thousand dollars in expenses that come out of the lawyer’s pocket initially, and eventually come out of the client’s settlement. In my experience in medical negligence cases, the amount of costs that are laid out by the attorneys involved from the plaintiff’s side, are often twenty-five to one hundred thousand dollars. One of the reasons that many lawyers don’t take medical malpractice cases is they aren’t willing to risk their money and risk their time and risk years pursuing a case where the eventual judgment is going to be based on a jury’s determination of whether or not a doctor or hospital did something wrong.