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The filed of medical malpractice is very complicated. Medical malpractice cases tend to take longer than other personal injury cases, simply because the issues are more complex. You have to have expert testimony to prove up your medical malpractice case. The defendants go out and hire experts to exonerate their doctors or hospitals. Experts are expensive. Many charge 500 dollars an hour, or more, to even consult in cases. Professional schedules are full of different types of conflicts.

the more complex the case, the more expensive it is and the more time it requires in order to flesh out the issues. In addition, in the medical malpractice scenario in the medical malpractice field, we have a pre-suit set of requirements that require a plaintiff, a claimant, to, basically, participate in an information sharing scenario, that lasts about 6 months, before anybody can ever file a lawsuit under Florida law.