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If you’re coming in for a consult on a Florida cruise ship accident case, one of the things you want to bring is your ticket. Back in the day they used to issue you a paper ticket and it looked kind of like an old airline ticket, it had 24 pages and it was all paper. Now in my experience, most of the tickets are found online and you would print it out off of the internet. A ticket is very important because it dictates the rights and responsibilities of the cruise line and the passenger if there’s an accident where you’re going to seek damages for an industry. Additionally, if you were injured aboard ship, you’re going to want to bring the names of any witnesses that you might have discovered. You want to bring any reports that the ship may have generated and given you a copy of. Of course in today’s world, photographs or videos, everybody’s got an iPhone, everybody’s got an Android phone. If you were hurt and pictures were taken, the first thing we want to do is see them.