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The Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act covers those employees, or individuals, who work in the maritime trade, but who aren’t necessarily on a vessel in navigation. A person who works aboard a ship or vessel in navigation is considered a seaman under the Jones Act. A person who, for example, works on a barge that drives pilings, or works on an offshore oil platform that isn’t one that can be towed around, is typically covered under the Longshore Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act.

It’s a different system. It is not negligence based. It is more designed to compensate people who work on the various types of things that you see in the marine environment. Oil platforms, vessels that don’t have motors. Various types of specialized docks, dry docks, shipyards. Many of the people who work in the trades around ships, but who don’t actually participate in the navigation of the ship, are covered under the Longshore Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act.