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Mediation is a voluntary process to settle cases that might otherwise go to trial. When I say it’s voluntary, it’s voluntary in the sense that if you’re in a mediation conference with the other side, the decision to settle or compromise the case is something that is uniquely within control of the litigants. Within the control of the people bringing the lawsuit. A mediation entails a neutral third party, typically an attorney who has a wealth of experience but is not there to decide the case. That attorney’s job is to try to get the parties talking about resolution because there’s a lot reasons to settle a case in mediation.

One of the reasons is that as medical malpractice litigation goes on, or products liability litigation goes on, or your cruise ship case goes on, the costs add up astronomically over time. If you wait until the evening before the trial to settle your case, the expenses that are going to come out of the client’s portion of the proceeds can be quite large. If you’re able to settle your case early on in a mediation you don’t have those expenses, which means the client garners more compensation.