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Cruise line vessels are unfamiliar territory for a lot of people who are basically leading land-based lives. You get aboard a ship and there are likely to be different types of stairways, different types of doorways, different types of structures that often lead to trip and fall or slip and fall situations. If you do trip and fall or slip and fall aboard a cruise line, the first thing you want to do it determine if anyone saw it, are there any witnesses? Are there pictures to be taken of the device or the substance on the floor or the circumstances that caused you to trip and fall?

In addition, when people get on and off a cruise line vessel, they often have to use a tender. It has been my experience that many people are injured when in fact they’re trying to get on and off a tender which is a smaller vessel that services a cruise line ship. If you are injured aboard a tender, there may be responsibility for failure to moor the tender properly, for failure to keep it safe for you while you get on and off the boat.