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The best thing you could bring to an initial consultation would be a complete set of medical records, and perhaps an opinion from some other doctor that what was done wasn’t entirely appropriate. Many times, in the context of medical negligence cases and medical malpractice cases, the two terms mean the same thing. A potential client will come to me and say, Mr. Cooper, I didn’t know there was anything wrong, but as I was going out the door, a nurse snagged me and said, “You better get a lawyer.”In other instances, a patient goes on to a subsequent treating doctor, and something about the subsequent treatment alerts the patient to the fact that the new doctor doesn’t think that what the prior doctor did was appropriate.

When you come an evaluation for a medical malpractice case, you want to bring all of the medical records that you possible have on your situation. Of course you would want to have the date of the incident. You would want to have photographs of any injuries that you can document. If there are subsequent medical records, from another provider, that seem to suggest that the first provider maybe didn’t get it right, we’d love to see those records as well.