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Well, none of us were born lawyers and most of us came to law school having come from a myriad of other professions. When I filled out my application to the Florida Bar, I was kind of stunned by the fact that I had 35 different job descriptions to put on my resume. In fact, in order to answer the Bar’s questions of who are you and where have you worked and what have you done, I ordered a printout from Health and Human Services to Social Security and I clipped it to my application with the 35 jobs on it and I said, “See attached.”

Now there was at least one or two jobs that weren’t on the resume. Long ago in a galaxy far away, I was in fact a carnival age and weight guesser and that’s not on my resume but it went like this: “I’ll guess your age or your weight.” Age within two years, weight within three pounds. We guess them all; the short, the fat, the tall, the bald, the neurotic, the psychotic, the ambidextrous, all those in between. Be you endomorph, ectomorph, or mesomirph, I’ll guess your age and your weight.

I’m Jay Cooper and I’m your advocate at trial.