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Web button - manBusiness and property owners who don’t keep their property safe for customers, visitors and guests may be responsible for injury or wrongful death. When customers slip and fall in stores and restaurants, trip in dangerous holes in parking lots or are assaulted by criminals on property, the property owner often has civil liability. Injuries suffered on premises can be severe and permanent—from broken bones requiring surgery to brain injury and PTSD.  Have a Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist evaluate your serious injury case caused by property owner negligence.

 In Florida, the owners or possessors of land are required to prevent dangerous conditions from occurring on the premises and further to warn their customers or invitees of dangerous conditions on the premises.  These types of cases can be particularly daunting for an injured party as usually the property owner cleans up the evidence immediately after the injury occurs.  Every year, many people suffer injury due to spilled materials on restaurant and supermarket floors, unmarked holes and uneven surfaces in parking lots and on sidewalks and through the failure of the property owners to have proper lighting or security to prevent crime on the premises.  Florida is a comparative negligence state and in premises liability cases, the owners of the premises and their lawyers often blame the injured party for causing the injury even though they themselves would have slipped in the substance on the floor or stepped in the unguarded, unmarked holes.

Often lawyers are reluctant to take these types of cases to trial because of the difficulty in proving negligence and the possibility that their clients will be saddled with responsibility.  If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury on someone else’s property, contact Jay Cooper today for a free evaluation of your personal injury claim.

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