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nursing_home_neglect_and_abuseNursing homes are accountable under Florida law for negligent nursing home care and for neglect and abuse of elderly residents. Many nursing home cases involve the wrongful death of a parent or loved one from inadequate care. Nursing homes are responsible when residents are allowed to fall and sustain injury. Nursing home negligence takes many forms: decubitus ulcers and bedsores, UTI’s and sepsis infections, lack of proper nutrition, dehydration, failure to provide medications , failure to follow doctor’s orders, elopements and attacks by other residents.

Florida has a large aging population and litigation over the quality of care given to Florida’s elderly residents is complicated and time consuming. Jay Cooper has been handling nursing home neglect and abuse cases since the early 1990s. Chapter 400, Florida Statutes and select provisions of federal law dictate that a nursing home must provide its residents with adequate and appropriate healthcare and protective and supportive services. During his career as a trial lawyer, Jay has handled numerous nursing home and assisted living facility cases that involved the injury or death of residents. Nursing home cases involve specialized areas of law and medicine. To evaluate your potential case contact Jay today via telephone or email.

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