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Most nursing home lawyers, including myself, work on a contingency. This means that the client comes to us, and the client does not have to put down a retainer for the hourly billing of attorney’s fees. That’s something that the defense entities, the hospitals, the nursing homes, the doctors do, they pay their lawyers by the hour. In Florida, in order to bring a nursing home case, you simply need a plaintiff’s lawyer who is willing to work under the standard Florida personal injury contract. That contract generally provides that if you can settle your lawsuit prior to filing a lawsuit … Settle your claim, I should say, prior to filing a lawsuit, then the fee is typically one third, and you reimburse the attorney the cost. When cases go into an actual lawsuit, the fee under the Florida standard personal injury contract is 40%, plus reimbursement of costs. The great thing about the contingent fee contract is, if there’s no recovery, the people who are bringing the case don’t owe the lawyer anything.