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Medical malpractice cases, in my experience, develop a long shelf life. This is because the discovery on both sides is extensive and expensive, and it involves expert witnesses. Most medical malpractice cases are complex just by the nature of the subject matter. In my experience, a medical malpractice case where a lawsuit is actually filed generally takes two to four years to get to trial in the jurisdictions in Florida.

Additionally, before you can even start a medical malpractice case in the state of Florida, you have to go through what we call the pre-suit notice period that applies to medical malpractice actions. Unlike a car crash, where you could go across the street and sue the defendant the next day, in medical malpractice, you have to obtain experts, you have to give notice to the other side, you have to exchange information. The whole process takes generally about six months before you can ever put pen to paper and file your lawsuit at the courthouse.