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In my opinion, the best way to protect somebody who is a resident in a nursing home is to show up unannounced at all times of day or night. The reason I say this is just based on my own experience with nursing home residents and their families. If there’s something going on with a nursing home resident and you don’t show up at odd hours, you may not actually be able to see the problem. Nursing homes are usually staffed with a 7 to 3 shift, a 3 to midnight shift, and maybe a midnight to 7 in the morning shift. If you show up every day at 5:00 and there’s problems with your resident, but the nursing home staff knows you show up every day at 5:00, you’re not going to catch them in their negligence. You’re not going to catch them when the resident is being abused.

The things I would suggest to people who have family and friends in long-term care is show up early and often, and complain, complain, complain. That might not endear you to the staff, but there’s an old saying about squeaky wheels getting the grease. Generally people who complain and are proactive for their residents get better care than those who don’t.