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In the maritime field, there are cadres of adjusters that work for various insurance companies and corporate entities that handle these Jones Act cases. In my experience, these adjusters often work with an injured crewman to get them maintenance secure, to get them to the medical care that they need to supervise them while they’re going through recovery. Many of these adjusters will sidle up to the crew man and basically tell them, “You don’t need to have a lawyer to resolve your case with me”.

I personally believe that would be an error in judgment on the part of any crewman. While the ship owner has an obligation to pay for your damages and to provide you with lost wages and medical expenses, when a seaman gets to the end of the case, the case always has a value separate and apart from the medical bills and the lost wages.

How are you going to determine what applies to you? You need an experienced lawyer to be able to evaluate your injury against the backdrop of federal law to get you the maximum amount for your claim.