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Accidents that occur on the water often involve unique questions of law and fact. For example, cruise ship accidents that occur on the high seas often have a one year statute of limitations. This means that if you are injured on a cruise ship, you have one year to perfect your claim. Many of the major cruise line carriers (e.g. Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian) require that claims brought against them be filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida located in Miami. This is true despite the fact that a passenger might be from Kansas and booked her ticket on the internet for a cruise that occurs somewhere well away from the state of Florida.

Cruise ship accidents may involve falls aboard the ship. Often the cruise lines ply the passenger with alcohol and this adds to shipboard dangers. Injuries can occur ashore when the cruise line books passengers on shore excursions. Whether the cruise line is liable for these injuries that occur ashore is often a difficult legal issue. Unfortunately, the cruise lines have more than their share of sexual assaults aboard ship. Finally, passengers may become ill from food or be injured when they come into contact with dangerous equipment. The types of accidents that occur at sea are varied. In addition to the short statute of limitations, a lawyer who handles cruise line accidents must be knowledgeable in the field of admiralty and maritime law. Admiralty and maritime law is largely judge-made law and unique to accidents that occur on the waterways and high seas.

Crew members who are injured on the navigable waters have special remedies provided by federal law. Many sailors can avail themselves of the Jones Act. Additionally, seamen who are injured in the service of the ship are often able to bring a case for unseaworthiness and maintenance and cure. Claims involving injuries to seamen may be handled by experienced insurance adjusters who are well versed in the technicalities of admiralty and maritime law. If you are a crew member or seaman injured aboard a ship, it’s to your advantage to retain an attorney who has a working knowledge of maritime claims.

Finally, there are recreational boating accidents. Those out for a Sunday afternoon cruise may find their lives can change as quickly as the turn of a boat’s wheel. When recreational boats cause injuries to passengers or collide with other vessels, state law may come into play in addition to federal law. If you are involved in a recreational boating accident, then finding the proper trial lawyer with a background in boating accidents is essential.

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