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The Jones Act applies to seamen. Those are the people who are working aboard a vessel and are performing some sort of task that aids the vessel in navigation. On cruise lines for example, a hair dresser could in fact be a seamen under the Jones Act. If somebody is killed through the negligence or for the responsibility of someone else, the action no longer is one for personal injuries, it becomes one for wrongful death. Then the question arises, is it a Jones Act wrongful death case? The answer may lie in where did the accident occur.

There’s another type of statute called the Death on the High Seas Act. Sometimes it comes into play when you have a crewman who’s injured aboard a vessel that’s on the navigable waters somewhere in the oceans of the world. The federal statutory and judge made law of admiralty can be complex. You want to hire a lawyer who knows the law and is able to maximize your damages under any of the statutes or general maritime law that’s going to apply to the wrongful death.