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The statute of limitations in a Florida medical malpractice case, is two years from the date of the incident giving rise to the malpractice. Or, two years from when you knew, or should have known, that malpractice had been committed upon you. But, in no event, greater than four years.

There are instances where folks have a malpractice situation, and they aren’t aware of it for, say, a year, after the event, or the surgery. Then, it becomes apparent that somebody, probably, dropped the ball.

The time limit is a blanket one of no greater than four years, in order to allow those folks who may not have an immediate knowledge that there has been malpractice in their case, to have some degree of comfort, in terms of time, before the statute of limitations extinguishes your case.

The malpractice statute of limitations at two years is very short, and it’s really important that if you believe that malpractice has occurred in your individual situation, you get to a lawyer as soon as possible. That two years has a way of evaporating real quickly, while you get around to it.

Unfortunately, most people in medical negligence, or medical malpractice, situations are so badly injured, that they do take the bull by the horns, and actually come to a lawyer early on.