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Nursing home charts are huge. The requirements that nurses and CNAs in a nursing home document what’s going on with the resident are very extensive. We have a saying in nursing home cases and medical malpractice cases, and it’s a saying garnered from the medical profession. The nurses say it. It if wasn’t documented, it wasn’t done. There are huge documentation requirements for nursing homes. Sometimes the documentation is accurate and sometimes it’s what we call parrot charting, where the people who are actually filling in the records just copy what the person before them did because they don’t have enough time to actually document according to state requirements. In my opinion, that’s always a situation where the nursing home is understaffed. If you don’t have enough people to meet the needs of the nursing home residents and the nurses are busy filling out documents, people fall, people’s peg tubes get clogged, people have all manner of accidents because the nursing home employees are not on the ball and they’re not watching out for the safety of the resident.